Link Building

There is no point in “building links”. The secret is to “earn” them!

The online world has entirely changed in the past few years. Major updates to Search Engine Optimization processes means that a number of strategies that were being used in the past have now been put in the “black hat” practices list. Any marketer still following these practices is sure to send your brand into internet oblivion in no time.

At Green Traffic, we surround ourselves with experts in online marketing, branding, link building and SEO. Our highly efficient team of specialists are updated with the latest happenings in their own fields and are well equipped to handle your requirements and make them suit YOUR goals.

Thus, even though link building remains important, the process in which they are acquired has entirely changed. To approach these changes, we need new solutions and new processes. This is where Green Traffic steps in. We make sure that we improve on the foundations of your website and develop relationships with the right influencers. We create the right reasons for influencers to link to your website in a genuine, free and authoritative manner.

Over the years, we have understood the importance of working with influential brand ambassadors and bloggers that can add value to a marketing campaign and can deliver results that clients can be proud of.

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