Influencer Marketing

“Influencer Marketing connects brands with influencers in your target market.”

Marketers are constantly on the search for new and better ways to reach their ideal consumers. By using the authority of online influencers, brands are able to focus their message directly to their target audience.

Consumers are constantly looking out for exciting influencers who cater to their specific interests, keep them updated on topics of their interest and offer impartial and genuine reviews about products and services that suit their interests.

Rather than paying for leads and purchasing ads, many companies are now looking to set the trend by turning towards influencers and online PR that can directly influence a customer’s decision by connecting with them on a personal level.

Research shows that approximately 77% of the internet users subscribe to blogs and online magazines. This makes these avenues an ideal marketing option for any brand looking to put forth its products or services to its customers.


Influencers and SEO

Influencers and SEO are perfect disciplines that work together; SEOs are looking for high-quality links that can improve their reputation within the search engines and Influencers are looking for better ways to measure their positive influence.

The benefit isn’t just the direct links it can generate but also the brand awareness that can lead to increases in organic search terms, link juice and social signals.


Beating the ad blockers

The increased use of ad blockers have become a concern to marketers and even Google responded by removing paid ads from the right-hand side from their search results.

The global rise of ad blocking.

The global rise of ad blocking.


By tapping into the power of the online influencer, brands and businesses have seen a huge increases in awareness and sales, whilst reaching their target market.

Green Traffic leads the way with Influencer Marketing using the power of Bloggers,  Brand Ambassadors, Vloggers, Journalists and Publishers to deliver a powerful outreach campaign. We also have an outstanding content writing team who can create compelling blog posts for your brand targeted for your target audience.

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