Digital Marketing Strategy

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We believe that the digital marketing strategy is very essential to take the advantage of fast growing opportunities in the current market situation.At this moment, so many companies haven’t set up the digital marketing strategy properly or still thinking. We would recommend to look into the competitors. They might have started and getting more customers from online.




Why digital marketing in 2015?

It is not surprise that people are engaging more on facebook and other social media day by day. Digital marketing is getting more involved in there to maximize the marketing.


Digital marketing strategy for 2015


There are some key steps to run a successful digital campaigns below:


Step 1 – Goals Setting


Company goals

Teams/ Departments


Step 2 – Strategy


Short term strategy- quick win:


Facebook marketing


Content marketing

youtube marketing

Quality classified marketing

Email marketing

Long term strategy – Big Win





Social media marketing

Affiliate marketing


Steps 3 – Manage/Activities


Set up tasks

Put all tasks on project plan

Execute tasks priority basis

Make reporting plan daily,weekly and monthly basis

Steps 4 – Measure


Campaign effectiveness

Engagement ratio

Traffic improvement

Conversion ratio

Social media influence


Steps 5 – Evaluate


Brand perception

Online presence

Target markets

Customer inside

Quality sales

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