Blogger Outreach Strategy

If you want to increase exposure your business online, blogger outreach strategy will be one of the main components. It is a proven by many top digital marketing experts.

Set up goals


1.Increase brand awareness

2.Increase reputation

3.Increase sales


Find Relevant Blogs


1.Use any relevant and trusty blog networks

2.Join Free blog networks

3.Social Media Content Contest


Evaluate Bloggers


1.Page Rank, Domain Authority and Page Authority

2.Unique visitors to the site

3.Comments: No of quality comments

4.Social Media Activity: No of likes, share, etc

5.Posting Frequency

6.Blog Age


Collaborate with Bloggers


1.Send a professional email with specific points and offer a quality and fresh content.

2.Offer a sample product/services as non cash.

3.Technical Help for their blog

4.Industry Information

5.Offer them a content writing job

6.Offer a affiliate commission to bring the new customers

7.Create contest for bloggers


Measure Results:


1.Find the no of replies or comments on the site.

2.Share and bookmark the posts

3.Find the traffic improvement on specific landing page or not.

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