The technological world is constantly evolving with new daily changes taking place, therefore, the role of the digital marketer has to be continuously updated. There are many different fields a digital marketer can specialise in from paid search, content marketing, search marketing and many more niche skill sets.

With so many different skills that can be drawn upon, what do employers take into account when hiring digital marketers?

Those looking to scale the digital ladder need to be proficient in the different disciplines to remain ahead of the competition.

Employers are often encouraged to hire an employee if they can see the employee is willing and passionate about their career through up-skilling their education and future-proofing your career.



Skill Set

Recruiters and employers will take into account the required and preferred skill set that the candidate possesses.

The required skill set would be matched against the day to day tasks required to perform the role, along with any technical or specialist skills that are required.

The preferred skill set could be a combination of other marketing skills the employer could benefit from, for example, an SEO executive could also have PPC knowledge and has managed successful campaigns which may benefit the business in their future marketing.


Marketers need to have a natural curiosity for pushing the boundaries and exploring new ideas. With the digital industry becoming more congested with brands and new technology, the digital marketer needs to be asking the right questions, have the desire to keep improving their own learning as well as those within the company, to ensure the team all operate from the same page.



Employers look for employees that possess a passion and love for the work they do. Having a genuine interest in the area for which you are applying for, isn’t enough to show employers you are right for the job. Employers want to see potential employees that have gone beyond the proverbial ‘extra mile’ and have taken charge of their personal development by attending seminars, industry events, training courses, keeping up to date with latest developments and developing their skills. The enthusiasm and passion  will show in your CV and interview.


With consumers being online 24/7, marketers have had to adjust their roles to work outside the normal 9-5 and be able to manage multiple workloads. Marketers need to be open to change and be flexible enough to quickly adapt to market trends, seize opportunities and capitalise on new emerging technology.

I hope this helps you on your journey to becoming a digital marketer and I would love to read your comments or suggestions. Don’t forget, Green Traffic can help you update your skill set with a CPD Standards accredited course.


Dhiren Mistry

Dhiren Mistry

Dhiren is the marketing director at digital marketing agency Green Traffic and has been in IT since the 1990's. He has also co-founded Big Outreach - a content and influencer marketing agency.

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